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Stop Infant Circumcision Society
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We proudly present the following mission statement:

We protest all involuntary genital cutting, lobby Congress, and plan to petition the Supreme Court to put an end to the unnecessary and inhumane anti-medical mutilation called circumcision.

The routine sexual mutilation our infant males must stop. It is a total violation of humanity and inflicts on the male and his sexual partner(s) an array of future sexual problems.

Male circumcision is NOT a lifesaving technique. It is an elective surgical genital mutilation that only the educated adult male should be able to elect, and only for himself.

Medical organizations around the world oppose infant circumcision. So do we. We will continue our efforts until genital mutilation in the united states is illegal for BOTH sexes.


Mr. David Wilson - Director

Stop Infant Circumcision Society
PO Box 320233
Cocoa Beach, FL 32932-0233
(321) 243-0178

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